Sunday, August 12, 2012


Greetings! I'm Jodi Miller Farm, owner of Farm Country Comforts. I've actually been a presence on the Web for awhile now, having started my first web site back in 1995. My current site is a new name for two previous sites, Autumn Comforts and Hannah's PinKeep. Various reasons led me to consolidate those two sites, and Farm Country Comforts offers the types of products that were found on both my previous sites, plus some additional wares. You'll find my own hand-crafted quilts, rag quilts, and quilted goods; hooked and crocheted rugs; dolls, ornies, tucks, prairie bonnets, and more; candles, scented melts, and tinware (melters and candle holders); quilt-shop-quality fabrics, patterns, and needlework supplies; certified-organic garden seeds; and other decor, gifts, and supplies for gardening and homesteading; a little something for every country gal, or country gal at heart.

I live in Bend, Oregon with my husband of 32 years. We have two sons in their 20s who live in the Portland/Vancouver area. Some day, we'll be able to get dear hubby retired and move back to the valley ourselves, and live closer to our family. We also have 2 spoiled rotten Shetland sheepdogs, 2 ornery Maine Coon cats who own the house, and a 50-gallon aquarium full of tropical fishes. And, we have a nice coop (which I won in a drawing!) and 4 laying hens.

Besides being an artisan, I'm also an avid (okay, rabid!) gardener. Although we're currently stuck in suburgatory, I am now up to 7 raised garden beds, plus plenty of pots (because all those 4' x 8' beds just weren't enough!). I started my first vegetable garden 5 years ago, and I am hopelessly addicted! I am firmly convinced that there is absolutely nothing in this world better than organic, home-grown vegetables and fruits. Nothing! Well, maybe one or two things... but they're right up there near the top of the list! At any rate, I love my gardening projects, and I do have a green thumb, if I do say so myself. And this year, we added the chickens (who have a startling degree of individual personality... and are incredibly fun to observe!), and I've taken up canning... also pathetically addicted! There is absolutely nothing better than opening the pantry and seeing all those pretty jars of food you put up yourself! Oh, right... almost nothing better!

At any rate... I also love making quilts, candles, and just about anything else I can make myself. I made my first quilt back in high school for a (here's where I really show my age) Bicentennial class project. Yes, I was 16 years old in 1976. There, got that over with! Anyway, since then, I've made hundreds of quilts, and I so enjoy the feeling of finishing up a quilt or other project as well as the responses I get from my customers and others when they see a new listing for one of my little crafty projects. And as I'm most assuredly a bit OCD, I can't ever settle on just one or two types of crafts; I make quilts, dolls, cross-stitch samplers, rugs, candles, and more. I used to be a voracious crocheter. I still do some, but since I developed psoriatic arthritis about 9 years ago, the old hands and fingers don't work like they used to. I can still do it; I just have to take frequent breaks and give these gnarly old hands a rest.

I suppose I've prattled on enough about myself to bore the life out of most anyone. At any rate, thank you for visiting with me. Future plans for this blog will include, of course, announcements and updates about new listings at my web site, as well as informational articles on gardening and other topics near and dear to me, tutorials, recipes, and hopefully other interesting and informative content which I hope will be enjoyed by all who find themselves here.

I look forward to visiting with you all.


  1. Nice to visit your new site and I hope it does very well for you.
    We have chickens too, and I also love gardening and canning. Country living is one of life's biggest blessings:)

  2. Hi Jodi,
    Congrats on your new blog and website. I also love gardening, canning, quilting, sewing, etc.. I really enjoyed reading about you. We live in the burbs too and I wish I could have chickens! We also like to eat organic.

  3. Hi Jodi,
    I am happy to follow you on your new blog and website!!!!!

    I love to read your blog and you are so very talented!

  4. Hello Jodi!
    I'm here and happy to continue following you. You were one of the first to follow me when I started blogging ~ friends stick together.
    Looking forward to your newest adventure!
    Prim Blessings

  5. Thank you all so much! :-) I'm really excited about the change to my new site, and everyone has been so supportive! Hugs and Best to all. <3


  6. hi Jodi, thank you for joining me and letting me know about your new site. You will do well, nice variety and garden!!!! super.